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    May 13, 2013
    9:00 - 9:31am PDT  

jo hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. let's get the week started with great videos from the web, "right this minute." . iowa police chase a driver who doesn't let anybody stand in his way. >> he just kept going. >> see what finally brought things to a screeching halt. rescuers try to reach a 5-year-old in well 50 feet deep. >> but only about 8 inches wide. >> why sending another child down to grab him was a bad idea.
robin thicke got the party started with his hit individual but there's proof -- >> our seniors are very hip and fly. >> how they pulled off a sexy new version with their clothes still on. and, see the dad with a devious plan. >> playing a little prank on his little boy. it's never a good idea to run from police because they will follow you. that happened in des moines, iowa, last week. they say the person behind the wheel of the dodge you see in front of you is mark jackson. they say jackson was wanted on 11 counts of forgery. he was stopped for a traffic stop but decided to speed away and the police gave chase. and this chase, while at this point is through kind of a commercial area, it ends up in the suburbs. i counted five stop signs he ran through and then i just stopped counting because he kept going. >> this is amazing he wept this long without running into a
different car, slamming into a tree or stop sign itself. >> or people. this happened around 8:00 p.m. kids could have been out playing after dinner. it's not that dark outside even though they have their head lites on. people are coming across the road. did you see that? >> how did he make it across the road. >> at some point you have to question the officer's decision to continue this pursuit through this neighborhood at such high speeds. >> especially when you see him go through an intersection like that. cars are going through both directions and he happened to slip through. >> it's miraculous nobody got hit in the whole chase. this chase goes on for close to five minutes. he makes a left turn. you think the chase is going to be over and then he drives through a snow bank at a church and that doesn't stop him. finally, you lose sight of him and the patrol cam and when the patrol cam makes that left turn he's coming toward him. >> oh. >> there's somebody else in the car. >> yes, there is a passenger in the car, but jackson gets out and starts running but he
doesn't put the car in park and watch the car. it ends up in a ditch. >> was the guy arrested. >> the guy was arrested and his passenger was arrested on a couple charges. jackson is facing eluding, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts causing injury and proper registration and a work release violation. he's got a laundry list of charges he's facing. we're seeing more and more rescue videos coming out of china. this video is out of northwest china and if you see it, this is the rescue of a 5-year-old boy. they're pulling him out of a well that is 50 feet deep. but only about 8 inches wide. you can imagine this was a pretty tough rescue. they first tried to lower one of the firefighters down into the hole, but as you can see in the video, he is too large to fit in the hole. >> i'm surprised they didn't find somebody smaller although you can't use another kid to go down and grab the kid.
>> oh, gayle. you are wrong actually. >> you're kidding? >> i'm not kidding. >> they did get another child. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at this. they grabbed a child into these harnesses and start lowering him down into this well to rescue this 5-year-old boy but he didn't have the strength to pull the child stuck in the well back up. so then they had to come up with yet another plan. >> they sent a dog down? >> no. they sent a mirror down that was used to reflect the light coming into the hole so the little boy trapped at the bottom of the hole could see a rope that was being lowered. he was able to grab hold of the rope and with people at the top of the well pulling him up. >> did they say how long he was down there? >> the rescue took about 90 minutes total. he was down a little while longer than that. at the end of the video he's healthy, happy. they put him in his mother's arms. even though he fell so deep only minor cuts and bruises. no serious
two videos that police have released and hope that someone can help them identify these suspects, the first one is in georgia. this was very early in the morning before the store opened. you see a man standing in front of a closed drug store door and then with his foot kicks it once, kicks it twice, breaks the door, gets in through the broken door, jumps over the counter, picks stuff up, sets them down, jumps over the counter again, grabs a bag and starts loading his loot and exits the door the way he came in. >> i'm surprised he's doing this in broad daylight. >> he did end up getting away on a bicycle mind you. >> couldn't have got far on a bike. >> he's wearing a fur coat and carrying stolen mer chchandisem >> the second video from dallas, about 2:00 in the morning and you see a couple guys walking up to this
burglary barred doors. this suspect starts putting a tow rope on to the doors. that tow rope is tied to that truck and then once the tow rope is tied they pull them off with the truck. you see a couple suspects come back with boxes and start loading them up with cigarettes, lottery tickets and wine. >> they obviously thought about this. >> every time we see one of these burglaries they're all stealing cigarettes. >> the thing is shocking is stealing lottery tickets. they're going to be bummed if they win with a stolen ticket and cash it in you stole the ticket, get arrested and don't get their millions. >> hopefully someone does actually recognize them. >> somebody will recognize the coat, the hat, or the truck. this one should be easy. everybody be aware. >> hold on. we might be in control. >> multiple things that require a police escort. herd of cattle i never thought
was one. in a small town in ireland the local police, are here helping out these stray cattle making sure they don't get in trouble with the traffic. the guys in the car think it's funning the cops are herding the cow. >> we have them pinned. two motor bikes from either side. >> a guy in front and behind. cattle getting tired. >> come on. >> these guys may not realize that these are vics, very important cows, require police escort to get from point a to point b just for their protection. >> i had no idea they were vics. i should have known by looking at the -- >> what the cops should have told the cows. >> tell me, please. >> moove over. >> a motorcyclist and a car take off from a green light. but then -- >> volkswagen pulls in front,
stops in the middle of the street and approaches the guy. >> how speeding up led to a smack down. ursula the black bear takings on a special trash can. >> she's trying to get in. >> unless she can chew through the side she's not getting in. >> why this can is
you know when you go to a national park they tell you don't feed the bears. it's easy for bears to get into your picnic basket or trash can because they're easy to open but they're trying to make trash cans a little more difficult for bears to make it a buffet dinner. >> the new bear-proof trash can. >> this is an initiative of the virginia department of game and their inland fisheries department working with the black bear research center at virginia tech and as you can see here, ursula was the test bear for this trash can. this trash can is strapped to a
post and ursula gives it the run around more than we can. she's really trying to get in. as you can see here, ten minutes in, she's still trying to get into this trash can. >> this has padlocks on it. >> yeah. unless she can chew through the side of the thing i don't think she's getting in. >> to tell us whether ursula got into the trash can or not we have dr. kelly and bernard messa, they head up the black bear research center at virginia tech. i'm thinking as a human i don't know if i can get in it either. >> basically we can just remove them. it's not a lock. you can remove it and then open the lid, put your trash back inside, close the lid and put them back on and everything is locked. basically a very easy modification. >> did ursula ever get into this garbage can? >> no, she didn't. it's basically bearproof. >> aside from it being mess kwlee why is it important to
keep the bears out of the trash? >> mainly so we don't encourage more of the activity. the more they get used to eating human trash,hen the more likely there could be some kind of problem in the foreseeable future. we hope to try to stop that and nip it in the bud. . an unruly passenger on an american airlines flight from los angeles to new york city forced the pilots to reroute to kansas city because of this behavior. ♪ i will always love you >> according to reports, this woman was singing whitney houston's songs very loudly in the rplane. yo can hear her always love you. there was a federal air marshall on the plane that tried to calm her down. according to reports, the kansas
city aviation department said the woman was noncompliant with that federal air marshall and the air marshall did end up subduing and handcuffing her. this is a moment they're getting her off the plane in kansas city. >> i would be really ticked if where i'm trying to get to is delayed because of somebody like this. i'm hoping that it wasn't some sort of medical issue, some mental issue. >> she was interviewed and released after this incident, but she does claim to be a diabetic and this was a result of her condition. >> if that's true, i can understand that. we've seen other videos and stories where people go into diabetic shock and do things, they drive erratically. >> after the incident people were tweeting about it. this guy liam 5 says she made 130 people late because she was shouting and singing and whaling like no tomorrow. the airplane was grounded about an hour before it kept going to its final destination which was new york.
this is a demonstration in composure. motorcycle and car go off from a green light. both get into the throttle pretty quick. the more cyclist claims he was trying to get in front of the car because the car was hanging to his side. he didn't like that. volkswagen pulls in front, stops in the middle of the street. we've seen this before. and approaches the guy. >> what's up, fool? >> what's up? >> hey. better check yourself, man. >> smacks the rider in the helmet. gets back in his car and drives off. the guy driving the volkswagen, mr. t? >> what was he mad about? i don't understand what was going on? >> not sure what set this guy off. looking at the video a second time, it doesn't appear anybody was cut off or anything was seriously done wrong. >> road rage never makes sense. it's people driving around. what would make you get out of your car and physically slap the vehicle of someone else? >> well, it sounds like this guy
is just an all-around fool himself. >> i say composure because the guy riding theorke his cool, didn't escalate this with more violence. the rider says he has identified this guy who he is and he has contacted police, showed them the individual and plans to press charges. >> they got limb on camera and they posted it on-line. this guy looks like a fool to everyone who sees this video and now he's on national tv looking like a fool. >> better check yourself, fool. why wait for an emergency to use a fire extinguisher. spray and go. >> this looks like a ton of fun. >> all you need is that launch. >> next "right this minute." still to come. >> it's what you get when you combine skydiving. >> with one of the best backyard fun you can have. this is -- >> watch what happens when dude comes in for a slippery landing. >> yeah. >> oh!
>> plus, she's the baby gorilla with a survivor story. >> because when she was 3 months old she was with her mom and other gorillas and she was injured. >> see how a little care has her thriving and happy. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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it's best of rtm time. we tell you about a bonus video you can find on our website. >> one of the most classic films of all time. reservoir dogs. here's a chance to see the movie
in a whole new way with sock puppets. >> the scene they argue about their names, mr. blonde, mr. pink, classic scene in the movie is recreated with the sock puppets. >> i pick mr. pink. i'm mr. yellow. >> worth watching. head over to and click on -- >> best of rtm and don't forget our mobile app as well. >> this is ben aaron, it tv reporter and all-around nice guy. favorite song is robin thicke's "blurred lines." you remember this song ♪ >> i like the video more than the song but it was a good song. >> ell, ben aaron thoht ifin th for mature audiences of this song. >> why not make a version of this individual by a mature audience. i called my friends. >> he created the best music video ever. >> yeah. >> ♪
♪ i know you want it ♪ i fknow you want it ♪ >> i love it so much. they got folks at the fairlawn senior center to dance, sing, lip sync and all-around get into this version of robin thicke's song. ♪ >> and, of course, did a great job of making sure there are hashtags in there, after the robin thicke's blurred line videos. >> i have a question, did they make an explicit version like robin did? if the answer is yes, please don't play it. >> definitely play it if they did. >> oh, the answer is no. this is the only version of this video with the folks from the fairlawn senior center. >> this is my favorite "blurred lines" video. >> horse playing a little game of tongue. ♪
let's do a fun mashup. skydiving. ♪ >> with one of the best backyard fun you can have. the slip and slide. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> oh! >> i would have loved to have done that. >> this is nicolas daniel and brieanne thompson. this happened in arizona. you can see them swoop in on their parachutes and land perfectly on a slip and slide and just -- >> he hit it right at the beginning of the slip and slide. >> expert landing. ♪ >> all they needed was like a kiddie pool at the end to cut the parachute free and soak it up. >> somebody at the end with a cold beer to slide by.
>> gets better and better. pure fun. >> i like the control that he had. that after he got to the end he was able to turn around. that's talent. ♪ dear old dad is about to prank his little boy. >> kids do like this stuff. >> why getting creamed never goes out of style. >> oh! ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h çwçñ
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nothing cooler than a bow tie. they seem to be making a comeback. we've seen them a lot lately. in case you don't know how to are properly tie your bow tie, have a birdie help us out. >> does this perfectly. >> this girl is using her kay nin birdie to tie a bow tie. >> the dog is looking at the camera like yeah. looking good, don't i? >> well behaved dog. >> good looking bow tie. i love ta print. >> i'm glad to find out it is a woman tying this bow tie. i don't know too many dudes would wear the cherries and flower print bow tie. >> oh. you should. you must. you've got to push the envelope here. bow ties, to go to a gala, this is cool. >> funk it up a little bit.
>> i think birdie looks happy now. >> cute. >> very cute. this is a 6-month-old gorilla and a survivor. she lives at the lincoln park zoo. little baby gorillas are the flippin' cutest mammals on the planet. >> well, she, as i said, is a survivor because when she was 3 months old she was with her mom and other gorillas and she was injured. they think one of the other gorillas injured her. this is what she looked like after her injuries. she was separated from the other gorillas and she was put in he own pennd nowou can see hershe's playing around her pen. and eating broccoli. >> they say that zoo keepers put on furry vests because they say you can't raise her like she's a human. she's a gorilla. let her cling to them like she would cling to her mom and they climb up her enclosure like a gorilla would. >> that's a good day of work,
when you put on a fur chest, climb the wall and hang with a gorilla. >> you should switch jobs. >> i would let you. we could start a make a wish for you and you could be a gorilla trainer. >> she's experimenting with food. crawling around her pen and doing well. part of her knows maybe a little bigger than the other side but you know what, 100% cute. >> that makes her face cuter. little irregularity never hurt a soul. ♪ some of you will love this, some of you guys aren't. but i think it's pretty darn funny. this is posted on a youtube channel. he's playing a prank on his little boy. >> [ inaudible ]. >> daddy. >> get creamed in the face. >> what? >> he's luring his kids into the room by saying, hey, who spilled this on the floor.
>> this mess right here? who spilled it? >> where? >> oh! >> what a mean thing to do. >> clean [ bleep ]. >> i thought it was funny because pies in the face are classic. >> i love the other kids are eating the whipped cream off his face. >> everybody is laughing. doesn't seem like anybody got hurt. everybody gets a good laugh out of this. >> i got creamed in the face. >> kids like this stuff. >> why do i have a feeling the kid is probably going to get even with the dad. >> the kid thought it was funny and ran out of the room. dad is left to clean everything up. >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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videos from the web, we've got them, "right this minute." hikers on a glacier spot a porcupine and wonder -- >> how in the world did it get there? >> how in the world do we get it off? see the whole dicey journey from this to this. >> a cop is secretly recorded by two suspects. >> the people [ inaudible ]. >> what it sounds like this officer is saying, i can plant cocaine on you. >> what happen w